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Everyone run to the Festival of Pastin

The first event dedicated to a unique specialty of our region: the irresistible Pastin! We are sure that there is nobody in the world who would not be captivated by the taste and aroma of the pastin. But if you don’t have the same certainty, you can spread the word and invite everyone to the first event dedicated to the pastin to remove any doubts: from October 28th to 30th, at Piazza dei Martiri in Belluno, pastin for all, as well as sports, fun and much more!


Don’t make plans for this weekend: from October 28th to 30th at Piazza dei Martiri in Belluno, AICS Comitato Provinciale di Belluno, NG TIMING and Gruppo Alpini di Salce, with the sponsorship and co-organization by the Comune di Belluno, with support of the Consorzio Operatori of downtown and of the Pro Loco Pieve Castionese , we organized a truly unique event of its kind: “Il PASTIN, in piazza… …di corsa” in Belluno, at the very centrally located Piazza dei Martiri! Don’t miss our  Adorable Belluno drunk on the aromas of the typical Bellunese delicacies from October 28th to 30th!

What is pastin?

“Pastin is the result of artisanal production, linked to tradition and passion for the good things. An entirely Bellunese pride, for which the original recipe asks for the use of, in varying percentages, meat of pork and beef, seasoned by a mix of secret spices that make it particularly flavorful. A local product produced from carefully selected meats, exclusively raised in the province of Belluno.”

But why “Il Pastin, in piazza…di corsa”?

During the event dedicated to pastin, we will compete in the first “BELLUNO URBAN MARATHONSunday October 30th at 9:00am! What does it consist of? It includes a run of 6 laps on a route of 7.033 km in no less than the historical center of Belluno!

To follow, on the same route, at the same time, there will be other shorter and less challenging runs:
the “URBAN HALF MARATHON“, at 9:00am that is 3 laps for a total of 21.09 km, the “SPORTS RUN“, at 10:00am in which you can run two laps of the historical center for a total of 14.066 km and, finaly, the “FAMILY RUN“, also at 10:00am, perfect for families with children as it is only one lap of the route for a total of only 7 km.

A medical certificate for competitive play (certificato medico agonistico) is required for the URBAN and the SPORTS RUN.

For more information and to sign up: – cell. 339 6231678


Here is the complete program of the three days dedicated to sports and pastin

From Friday October 28th at 6:00pm until Sunday October 30th at 3:00pm at Piazza dei Martiri in Belluno.

Friday October 28th

The party begins at 6:00pm and will run for the entire evening.
At 8:00pm the race “Su… PER SCALE” (650 steps) will begin: it’s a road race event on the stairs of Belluno.

Saturday October 29th

On Saturday the events will being in the morning from 9:00am and will continue late into the evening. Pastin, steaming polenta  of curdles (organized by Gruppo Alpini di Salce), wine, typical Bellunese desserts and much much more, for a day full of tasting!

Sunday October 30th

On Sunday the events will also begin at 9:00am, but will finish at 3:00pm in the afternoon.

And Sunday will be the day for the road races listed above. Let’s quickly revisit them:

Sporting event on the route of the historical center

9:00am “URBAN MARATHON” (6 lap – 42.195 km) 9:00am “URBAN HALF MARATHON” (3 laps – 21.097 km) 10:00am “SPORTS RUN” (2 laps – 14.066 km)
10:00am “FAMILY RUN” (1 lap – 7.33km)


The following butchers will be participating:

“Boito” of Ponte nelle Alpi – “Cavarzano” of Belluno – “Gaz” of Sedico “Perera” of Belluno – “Segat” of Belluno

There are no excuses: the pastin, one knows, is certainly not the most diet-friendly food of our region…but after a great run in the historical center of the city, it will definitely have been earned! We await you in big numbers!


For more information and to sign up: – cell. 339 6231678

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Pensieri e Parole (Thoughts and Words): the events at Teatro Comunale

Pensieri e Parole (Thoughts and Words) arrives to its 22nd edition and makes you laugh… laugh a lot!

Laughing is good for you, as is music and art…so don’t miss the opportunity to attend the next edition of Pensieri e Parole, which this year will host the best of comedy produced in Italy at Teatro Comunale of Belluno.

Pensieri e Parole to laugh

Ale e Franz will be in Belluno on December 3rd with Tanti lati, Latitanti, while Angelo Pintus, with a revival of Ormai sono una milf, will arrive in the spring, to be precise, on May 24th, but the tickets are already on sale! 
On April 22nd the Teatro Comunale will host Giacobazzi, with his show Io ci sarò while May 12th will be the night of Andrea Pucci with In… tolleranza zero.

Pensieri e Parole to be moved

But it doesn’t end here, among the famous names who will be up on stage at Teatro Comunale for Pensieri e Parole, there is also Nicolò Fabi, who, on Friday December 9th, will have us listen to the songs of his latest album, Una somma di piccole cose.

Just a few hours before Christmas, on December 23rd, the magical atmosphere of the songs of The Harlem Gospel Choir will enchant the Bellunese audience, with a truly unique event, as part of a worldwide tour, an indescribable emotion…you have to see it to believe it!

On St. Stephen’s day the stage of the theater will host one of the most famous works of ballet, Swan Lake. Monday December 26th at 5:00pm. 

But all of these productions certainly do not finish with Christmas, the new year will begin with a guest that we all know too well and will speak to us about Caravaggio. Did you figure out who it could be? Yes, it’s really him, Vittorio Sgarbi at the Teatro Comunale of Belluno Thursday January 12th at 9:00pm.

Pensieri e Parole for you

So what are you waiting for? Choose the performance best for you and run to get tickets!
For any information, we invite you to visit the website of Scoppio Spettacoli, or to call us at 0437 948874, or send an email to:

Have fun!


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“Ferragosto e dintorni” Festival in Belluno

But who said that the cities empty out during Ferragosto? Belluno has never been this alive! Discover the program for “Ferragosto e dintorni” from August 12th to 23rd, and take full advantage of this splendid city.

The Bellunese who remain in the city for the Ferragosto period will be able to rediscover less known corners of the historical center that are not always open. Tourists and visitors will have an opportunity to get to know and appreciate the environmental, humanistic and cultural resources of our city.


The City of Belluno, in collaboration with the Officine della Cultura, for the fourth consecutive year, is putting on “Ferragosto e dintorni,” a festival for the rediscovery and appreciation of the historical-artistical-environmental heritage of the city through the organization of an event series that will enliven the cultural sites and urban spaces from August 12th to 23rd. The calendar, full of choices, includes concerts, musical theater performances, dance, guided tours, all with themes of the city and its monuments.



From Monday August 8th to Friday August 12th

3:00pm – 6:00pm – Palazzetto dello Sport


organized by Korarte dance

For information on prices and times: 349 6055790 – 380 7251421

Or email

www.facebookcomjkorarte –


From Friday August 19th to Tuesday August 23rd

10:00am – 1:00pm and 2:00pm – 5:00pm –

Teatro Comunale


organized by SlowMachine

Aimed at actors or people with some experience in theater

Information and registration: 328 9252116 /


 Program of Events

 FRIDAY August 12

Guided tour
8:00p – Piazza Duomo – Entrance at the escalators

organized by C.T.G.

Stories of gossip and noir on the streets and piazzas of downtown.

Free event


SATURDAY August 13

Showtimes: 12:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:30pm – Gardens of Piazza Martiri

Contemporary dance performance by Laura Zago

With Costanza De Bona, Giorgio Tollot, Laura Zago, Susanna Cro and participants from the CONTACT IMPROVISATION workshop.

Composition and live music from the cellist Laura Biseglia
Free event


9:00PM – Cloister of the
Gregoriano Seminary

Concert dedicated to Franco Fiabane
with the participation of: Kerson Leong, violin. Lucio Degani, Chiara Parrini, violins. Giancarlo Di Vicari, viola. Gianantonio Viero, cello. Leonardo Colonna, double bass
Tickets: Belluno, at GONE Viaggi, Galleria Caffi
0437 942726


SUNDAY August 14

3:30 pm – 6:00pm
– Church of San Pietro
organized by Associazione Campedel

Free event


9:00pm – Midnight
– Piazza dei Martiri
The piazza will fill up with argentine tango enthusiasts coming from all over Veneto who will tear it up dancing to the notes of tango broadcast via radio in the whole historical center.

In case of bad weather, the event will relocate to the atrium of the Teatro Comunale.
Free event



MONDAY August 15


Urban hiking3 hours long
5:15pm – Entrance at the escalators – Piazza Duomo

organized by the tour guide Marta Azzalini

The route twists and turns from Piazza Duomo to the places of ancient factories where they worked on iron, wool and grains. Following along the long path of the Ardo creek, going as far as the Prà village, at Piazza San Lucano and from there it arrives to Piave village, the historical port of the city. Between stores of log driving and ancient bridges, the tour heads to Busighel where Bellunese swords were forged, and until Gregoriano Seminary, where in the cloister refreshments await us, offered by Associazione Campedel. The itinerary is for all ages.

In the case of light rain, the tour will still happen.

Reservations required by phone 348 2791289 or by email, by August 13th.
50 participants maximum

Free event


 TUESDAY August 16

Guided tour

5:00pm – Piazza Duomo – Entrance at the escalators

organized by C.T.G.
Walking tour with guided tours from San Rocco Church to the Chapel of the Madonna della Salute in il Monte di Pietà by way of hidden gardens of the city

 WEDNESDAY August 17


 From 9:00am to 12:00pm and 3:00pm to 6:30pm

Free entrance


Hours: 4:00pm and 5:15pm
– In front of Museo Civico

Historic walks in the city with Marco Perale

The transfer of the Museum allows us to focus on the evolution of its role in the last 140 years

Free event



Guided tours with the curator Denis Ton

Hours: 5:00pm and 5:45pm – Museo Civico

Free event



Buffet kindly offered by Bar Duomo

6:30pm – Portico del Museo




Hours: 7:45pm, 9:00pm, 10:15pm – Cloister of Fulcis Palace · special opening
Video: Nicola De Bon; musical accompaniment Paolo Fornasier

Reservation requires via email by Monday August 15th: or by phone 0437 913191-913442 by Friday August 12th

In case of bad weather, the event will take place at Teatro Comunale at 9:00pm without the need to make a reservation.
Free event



FRIDAY August 19

Urban hikingabout 3 hours long
– Entrance at the escalators – Piazza Duomo

organized by the tour guide Isabella Pilo

In a guided tour the visitors will discover Dino Buzzati in his hometown. The route twists and turns on the streets of the historical center and the first suburban area, reaching Villa Buzzati, the writer’s birthplace and now home to Associazione Villa Buzzati-Il Granaio where free refreshments will be offered.

The itinerary is for all ages. In the case of light rain, the tour will still happen.

Reservation required: 338 4480642 (also via SMS or whatsapp) or via email to by August 17th

Free event


– Piazzetta S. Stefano – Cloister of the Agenzia delle Entrate
Concert of recorders of the Scuola Comunale di Musica “Antonio Miari” of Belluno managed by the Conservatory of Vicenza. With: Gregorio Carraro, Sandro Del Duca, Gianpaolo Capuzzo, Marco Rosa Salva. Music by: Mainerio, Merulo, Dalla Casa, Gabrieli.

Free event



SATURDAY August 20

 GINGER&CLOUDSMusical reading
– Terrace of the Astor
with Elena Strada, Rajeev Badhan e Mauro Sommavilla
An unexpected and informal reading, a meeting of mind stories and lived experiences where the taste becomes the principal vehicle for memory…
Taken from the eponymous anthology of di Simone Perotti.

Produced by SlowMachine

From 6:30pm to 8:30pm there will be an aperitivo available, with the theme of ginger

SUNDAY August 21


The digital treasure hunt of DOLOM.IT

From 9:15am to 9:45am registration in the Gardens of Piazza dei Martiri
Starts at 10:00am – Ends at 11:30am

Prize ceremony in Piazza delle Erbe at 12:00pm
Free event – For more information: 349 4376019


From 3:30pm to 6:00pm – San Pietro Church

organized by Associazione Campedel
Free event


8:45pm – Cloister of Istituto Catullo

Dario CARNOVALE, Emersion Trio – 10th Anniversary Concert of the Scuola Comunale di Musica “Antonio Miari” of Belluno managed by the Conservatory of Vicenza
Dario Carnovale, piano. Simone Serafini, double bass and electric bass. Luca Colussi, drums. Music by Dario Carnovale

In case of bad weather the concert will happen in the Magna room of the same place
Free event



MONDAY August 22

– Lambioi – Piave beach
For whoever is curious to see the “artists in action”

Open to all

In case of rain the event will happen under the loggia of the Prefettura



Cantina Malvasia in concert

9:00pm – Garden of Doglioni Dalmas Palace, via Piave c/o Associazione Industriali
A musical voyage that recalls the path of the Italian singer-songwriter from the 1960s until today.

An experience that appreciates the songs not only of commitment, of poetry, but also of humor; the lightness that we have all sung at least once

In case of bad weather the concert will still happen, under the portico of the garden

Free event



TUESDAY August 23


Guided tour

6:00pm – Piazza Duomo – Entrance at the escalators

organized by C.T.G

After the success of the last edition, there will be yet another guided tour of the Teatro Comunale through history, art, technology and secrets

Free event




The digital treasure hunt by DOLOM.IT

Wash houses, fountains, old factories, the Civi Museum, to arrive at the Ardo creek and to the Piave river on the trail of the log drivers: the center of Belluno will no longer have any secrets thanks to the innovative digital treasure hunt by DOLOM.IT. An interactive course inside the izi.TRAVEL app, where teams of players will battle it out for the final prize until the final click. And given that the play does not have an age group, there will be both children and adults getting points, responding to the riddles on their own devices and facing the challenges labeled as #dolmacque!



Download the app from izi.TRAVEL

Find the “DOLOM.IT” course – “Cercatori d’acqua”

Respond to the questions

Take on the competition


DOLOM.IT ( is the virtual museum of the landscape, created entirely by students of the Province of Belluno. Born from an idea of the ISOIPSE association and the hotbed of creativity ADOMultimedia Heritage, the portale began its first section in May 2016 thanks to the contributions of more than 200 students, nine high schools, nine cultural institutions including museums, archives and libraries. #ACQUE is the theme of the 2016 edition, that has received funding from BIM Gestione Servizi Pubblici and BIM Belluno infrastructures.





-Wednesday August 17th-

The day will be dedicatedly entirely to the upcoming inauguration of the new museum at the prestigious Fulcis Palace. Citizens and tourists will have the opportunity to visit the museum for the last time before its relocation. To reflect, accompanied by exports, on its opportunities and challenges offered by the opening of a new museum space, of which the cloister will be accessible for the first time and on an unusual street, for a moving themed event with music and images that recount the relocation from the old to the new museum. The birth of the Civic Museum is indebted to the donation made in part by the Bellunese doctor Antonio Giampiccoli of his own gallery in 1872, which became the foundation of the museum collection. And subsequently others like that of Count Florio Miari, that of scientific materials donated by the provincial council of nature and industry, that of the geologist Tommaso Antonio Catullo, of the ornithologist Angelo Doglioni, of the botanist Alessandro Fracesco Sandi and others. The Board of Jurists palace had just been restored following the earthquake of 1873 when the museum opened to the public in 1876.




Currently the museum houses paintings, sculptures, plaques, bronze works, drawings and prints, the Zambelli-Perale collection of art objects, the jewelry collection of Prosdocimi Bozzoli and the Archeological Collection. The first curator of the museum was Osvaldo Monti, an important figure of the Bellunese world in his time, originally from Belluno. He was responsible for adding the logs of the ancient village of Belluno to the museum’s collection. The museum is currently home to works by Simone da Cusighe, Matteo Cesa, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Sebastiano and Marco Ricci, Ippollito Caffi and other painters. There are sculptures by Andrea Brustolon and Valentino Panciera Besarel, bronze plaques of Valerio Belli, Cristoforo Caradosso, Moderno, Andrea Riccio and many other works.


The new Civic Museum of Belluno will be located (end of 2016) in entirely renovated spaces, after the conservation and restoration, financed by the Fondazione Cariverona, of the Fulcis Palace complex, that will host exhibition area of around 3000 square meters on five floors. The museum will present itself as the only one in Veneto: the citizen collection displayed in one of the most beautiful 16th century urban buildings of the region, where the dimension of the Palace, with decor including frescos and stuccos, becomes a primary element of attraction, alongside the works of the museum and its historical-artistic collection.




The city of Belluno, in collaboration with the Officine della Cultura, for the fourth consecutive year, is launching “Ferragosto e dintorni”, a festival for the rediscovery and appreciation of the historical-artistic-environmental heritage of the city through the organization of a series of events that will enliven cultural places and urban spaces from August 12th to 23rd.


The calendar, rich with proposals, includes concerts, performance of theater, music and dance, and guided tours focused on the city and its monuments. This year, with the opening of the new museum at the 16th century Fulcis Palace, the festival includes an entire day dedicated to the old and the new museum that will culminate in an enchanting concert in the cloister of the new palace, open in preview, to celebrate the occasion. Special bright moments will be dedicated to families, children and adults with a “technological” treasure hunt thanks to the app Izi.Travel. The Bellunese who stay in the city during the Ferragosto period can rediscover little known corners of the historical center that are not always accessible. Tourists and visitors will have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the spatial, humanistic and cultural resources offered by our city.



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The Thursday Evenings in Belluno Begin!

Summer in the city? In Belluno it’s synonymous with “Thursday in the square.” From July 7th to August 11th 2016, “Belluno di Sera” is back, the festival that every Thursday makes the historical center the ideal setting for performances, musical events and shopping under the stars.

The traditional entertainment of the city center, including music, performances and culture will begin on Thursday July 7th, and will happen every Thursday evening until August 11th. The events are organized by Consorzio Belluno Centro Storico.


Take a look at the program of the first Thursday evening, on July 7th:

The stores in the downtown area will be open from 9pm to 11pm; take advantage, as the sales have just begun! In Piazza dei Martiri you will be able to attend the auto show of Alfa Romeo Club Belluno, while in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele there will be the season finale concert of the Banda di Belluno

Guaranteed fun even for kids thanks to the Spazio Bimbi – Street Art, produced by Tada Lab. The location is Piazza dei Martiri, starting at 8:30pm, until 10:00pm.

In many locales of the historical center you can sip a drink while listening to live music!

Here are the details:
– Piazza Castello –San Martino / Caffè Centrale – PAOLO ACHILLEA
– Piazza Duomo – Al Duomo – FIESTA SOUND Fiesta sound
– Piazza Mazzini – Eno Teca Mazzini – STEFANO VENDRAMINI
– Piazza S. Stefano – Top 90 / La Miniera – BLACK DREAM DUO Black-Dream Belluno
– Via Mezzaterra – Antica Birreria Mezzaterra – JAM session live 07/07 JAM Session Live DNB & Jungle / jazz-funk


We also want to remind you to visit the Spazio Arte, on Via Rialto at the Minerva Palace, for “Dalla Maschera al Bassorilievo”, organized by the Augusto Murer night school for adults with Sara Andrich

Have fun!

We will keep you updated on the programs each Thursday! Follow the Events section of this website and follow our pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Info and organization brought to you by Consorzio Belluno Centro:

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Clorofilla – Shared Public Art, the 2016 edition

Here’s the 2016 edition of Clorofilla, the open citizen laboratory that seeks to promote the common good and build new shared social spaces.  In the spaces of the former Piave barracks and in other places around the city and the province, the stars will be internationally renowned street artist and those who wish to participate in this explosion of color.

Also this year, for the 2016 edition, contemporary art exits the museums and enters the streets, where it comes in contact with the area and excites the spectator, as he or she becomes part of its environment. During the week of CLOROFILLA 2016, the artists will give new life to surfaces and places long forgotten, that these days no longer amaze us, with their colors in murals, workshops and events.

Concerts, film and documentary screenings will be shown at the Casa dei Beni Comuni (the former Piave barracks), printing labs will be open to all citizens in the heart of the city of Belluno and surroundings.

Fresh air for our valleys!

The Clorofilla 2016 Program

After the events of June 18th and 19th, it continues with:


Casa dei Beni Comuni
8:30 pm live music with COMANECI + DANAEIn partnership with GIGGO Logo 1


Lorenzago di Cadore
11:00am  LIVE PRINTING event of silk-screen printing and printing press in the city and MURAL PAINTING.


Casa dei Beni Comuni
9:00pm LAGO FILM FEST presents the 2016 edition, showing the best short films of the last edition. LFF_logobianco


Casa dei Beni Comuni
8:00pm Screening of the film AMO-TE LISBOA a feature film on the Street Art, magic and surrealism of the Canemorto collective. One of the artists of the collective will attend the screening.


Bologna Belluno Park e Casa dei Beni Comuni
11:00am LIVE PRINTING of silk-screen printing, calligraphy and music of DJ Sciacallo at the Bologna Park of Belluno. During the day there will be a street theater performance by MARIO LEVIS.
8:30pm DJ BUBBLE shakes up the Casa dei Beni Comuni with his music and other magic.


Casa dei Beni Comuni
3:00pm live music and street theater performances by Mario LevisRavioli Giganti, Porco del Reato, and Maurizio & gli Atomi – Sayonara tour.


What is Clorofilla?

CLOROFILLA is a meeting of artists, muralists and those who work primarily in communicating and building public spaces.

CLOROFILLA began in 2015 as the idea of Ericailcane in collaboration with the Casa dei Beni Comuni, an open citizen laboratory, that works in the region for the common good and to build social spaces for sharing.
Last year, for two weeks in June and July, some of the walls of the Casa dei Beni Comuni (formerly Piave Barracks) and the city of Belluno, were painted for storytelling, an idea of public art created by the people, for the people.
In the north of Italy, close to the geographic borders of the country, Belluno is a splendid oasis in the desert of the mountains. The Dolomites, the heritage of humanity, make the frame for this initiative that brings together artists and citizens.


For more information on Clorofilla visit the 2016 website:  Click Here

belluno @en, eventi @en, evidenza, homepage @en

Coming soon: The Festival of the Fisciot

The ancient festival of Our Lady of Sorrows is one of the most anticipated events in Belluno. The historical center fills with colorful stands, aromatic flowers and crowds of people who greet one another as they celebrate the arrival of spring. 

Everything is ready for the long-awaited Festival of the Fisciot, the holy celebration and gathering of the community with which the city of Belluno greets the flower season.

The celebration has ancient origins: since 1716, the statue of Madonna dei Sette dolori (Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows), used by the Bellunese citizenry to commemorate the end of a terrible epidemic of pestilence, has been carried in a procession across the historical center, two Sundays before Easter Sunday. And this year the tradition lives on: Sunday March 13th is the annual Festival of the Fisciot!

But do you know why it is called this? It gets its name from the “fischietti di richiamo” (whistles of excitement), which once upon a time were among the items most sold by local artisans at their stands on the streets of the city center as part of this Sunday festival.

The details: the events of the 2016 Festival of the Fisciot

Spread out across the entire city center, including Via Dante and Via Cavour, there will be more than 200 vendors with stands selling candies, toys, glassware, ceramics, wood and fabric, and even jewelry, ornaments, paintings, discs, cassette tapes, wicker products, copper, glasses, aromatic essences,  honey, leather goods, umbrellas, scarves, balloons and of course, regional food and drink.

Furthermore, this year in Piazza Piloni will be host to the exhibit market of fine food and tasting, while Piazza dei Martiri will be host to the market of local agricultural products, managed by Unione Montana Bellunese.

In Piazza Duomo, once again there will be the market “Fiori in Città: la Città sboccia” (Flowers in the City: the City blooms), as well as the antiques market “Cose di vecchie case” (Objects from old houses) that with its selected vendors is one of the most anticipated and popular events, before its return for the summer season. Piazzale Marconi will be the setting for a stand selling seasonal fruits.

Beginning at 10:45am in Piazza Duomo, at the corner of the former courthouse, the marching band “Citta di Belluno” (City of Belluno) will perform. The traditional procession will occur in the same place at 4:00pm.

Free shuttle service

To help with transportation, the city has instituted its usual free shuttle service that will run from 9:30am to 7:30pm for the entire day of Sunday March 13th. Here are the details:

For the north-east lines (from Baldenich/Cavarzano to the station) and south-west (from via Col da Ren to piazzale Marconi), shuttles will stop every 10 minutes.

For the other lines:

  • Line 1 (from Castion to piazzale Marconi), every 30 minutes
  • Line 2 (from Giazzoi/Tisoi to piazzale della stazione), every 50 minutes, leaving from Giazzoi at 9:55am – 10:45 – 11:35 – 12:25pm – 1:15pm – 2:05 – 2:55 – 3:45 – 4:35 – 5:25 – 6:15 – 7:05 – 7:55 and leaving from p.le Vittime delle Foibe at 9:40am – 10:30 – 11:20 – 12:10pm – 1:00 – 1:50 – 2:40 – 3:30 – 4:20 – 5:10 – 6:00 – 6:50 – 7:40
  • Line 3 (from Col di Piana to piazzale della stazione), every 50 minutes, leaving from Col di Piana at 9:30am – 10:20 – 11:10 – 12:00pm – 12:50 – 1:40 – 2:30 – 3:20 – 4:10 – 5:00 – 5:50 – 6:40 – 7:30 and leaving from Piazzale Vittime delle Foibe at 9:20am – 10:10 – 11:00 – 11:50 – 12:40pm – 1:30 – 2:20 – 3:10 – 4:00 – 4:50 – 5:40 – 6:30 – 7:20.


For more information:

Citizen Information Desk

Tel. 0437/913222 –

Vendors are asked to contact Servizio Att. Economiche: 0437 913175

Traffic information: Local Police 0437/913520

Porta Dojona
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Porta Dojona and its talking walls

Porta Dojona (Dojona Gate) is one of the most distinctive symbols of the city of Belluno. It has seen nearly one thousand years of Bellunese history, endured several restorations, been expanded and covered. But what you might not know is this gate hides a small secret of daily life. Read on to learn more. 

Porta Dojona is one of the five gates (four official and one “for emergencies”) that allows you to enter inside the city walls of Belluno, and is one of three that is still intact today.

We are talking about a real monument, one that is a testament to the history of Belluno since 1289: the year in which its internal archway was erected, originally called “di Foro” (public square) or “Mercato” (market), designed by Vecello da Cusighe and in honor of the count-bishop Adalgerlo of the 8th level.

The second part of the gate, as in the actual “facade” that overlooks Vittorio Emanuele Square, dates back to the Renaissance period, specifically 1553: it is the work of Niccolò Tagliapietra, built on request for chancellor Francesco Diedo (note the inscription above the arch FRANC. DIEDO. PRAET. PRAEF.Q. OPT). You can even see various recognizable Renaissance-style elements, such as the columns positioned on high pedestals, the triglyphs carved in the architrave and the two caryatids aside the Lion of San Marco.

One of the principal features of this evocative place of the city is the world that one enters by passing under the gate: you must however know that it has not always been this way. In reality, the passageway was first covered in 1622, thus giving Porta Dojona its characteristic feeling of a “small-scale arcade.”

Moreover, not even the name is the same as it was at the beginning: the gate was named “Dojona” in 1609 in honor of Giorgio Doglioni, aid to prince-bishop of Bressanone.

Have you ever heard someone refer to this gate as “Porta de la Cadene“? If that happened and you wanted to ask why, we’ll tell you: it takes this name from the drawbridge that was here until c. 1730 (when the moat was buried) from Via Mezzaterra.

But now we arrive at that which we had promised, the virtually hidden quirk of this gate: we have explained that this gate is a symbol of the city unto itself, in particular its walls, the inscriptions written mostly in Latin that recall the construction of the gate, its successive restoration projects and even the happenings of the city of Belluno. But there are also inscriptions less renowned and uncommon, which recount episodes of daily life.

Let us explain further. In the points shown using the arrows in the following image, if you look closely (we mean in person, if not, what beauty is there?), you can see written the names of people and their dates. Know who these people are? These are the autographs inscribed by the guards who protected this gate in the middle of the 1800s. And do you know how they left their permanent mark on the Porta Dojona? They did it with their bayonets.

Scritte porta

Photograph by Leonard Leo Graf.

Thanks to the group  Belluno e Provincia: cultura arte e storia that shared some of the information present in this article and to the research of Gigetto De Bortoli, Andrea Moro, Flavio Vizzutti, Belluno: storia, architettura, arte Belluno, 1984.

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Il tour italiano di Aperol Spriz a Piave Beach

Il Parco Fluviale di Lambioi in collaborazione con Bellunolanotte, Sportivamente Belluno e Comune di Belluno, ospiterà la tappa del tour italiano di Aperol Spritz.

Venerdì 10 luglio il Parco Fluviale di Lambioi ospiterà una tappa del tour italiano di Aperol Spritz – “Hostaria del Vecio Aperol Spritz”.

Aperol Spritz porta l’esperienza dell’aperitivo nelle locations più caratteristiche e inaspettate del Veneto, valorizzando le radici storico-culturali dello spritz e promuovendo la tradizione e le curiosità del territorio. Direttamente dagli anni ’70 arriverà il mitico pulmino van della Volkswagen sinonimo di viaggio e libertà, allestito ad hoc e trasformato in postazione “chiosco bar”. Sarà affiancato da un banco di “cicchetti” tipici preparati da un ristoratore locale, che farà da ambasciatore raccontando menù e ricette.

Un barista professionista invece insegnerà la ricetta per preparare nel migliore dei modi la bevanda che accompagna i nostri aperitivi, e due ragazze immagine offriranno gratuitamente lo spritz fino a esaurimento scorte!

Non mancherà di certo la musica! Il van infatti accoglierà anche un dj con musica dalle ore 18.00 fino alle 23.00 .