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New Year’s Eve in Belluno

BellunoLaNotte.com and the Comune of Belluno are excited to return to the piazza in Belluno with a wonderful event for everyone. We are waiting for you for the New Year’s Eve 2017 in Piazza dei Martiri! 

Beginning at about 8:00pm in the main square of Belluno, Piazza dei Martiri will transform into an open air dance club, under the stars!

Many more than 15,000 people participated in the previous 4 editions of New Year’s Eve in Belluno. Many of them families with children but also many young, hence a party for all ages. These grand numbers have contributed, on the last day of the year, to liven up the city and bring a noteworthy spectacle to the heart of Belluno.

Then returning to the stage in Piazza dei Martiri to transform the listòn into an open air dance floor, this year at the turn tables will be DJ Andrea Parente, who, thanks to his recent years of experiences at the nights of the venues of the province (and not only!), will make the Bellunese public dance away the night of New Year’s Eve!
The venues that will be able to host you during the evening will be:

– Caffè Manin
– DEON lounge & restaurant
– Astor Belluno
– Bistro Bembo ( more info: Dicembre al BistroBembo ).

The Casette del brulè in piazza will remain open for the whole night!

And here are a few recommendations for where to go after the piazza:

► J’ADORE Belluno: The nightclub located at via col di Salce a Belluno (5 minutes by car from the city center) will open its doors from 3:00am until 8:00am in the morning! The pizzeria service will be available all night long!

► NICE CLUB: This year Nice awaits you for Capodanno Yamita 2017 – Reggaeton / Hip Hop / R&B! The venue is located at Via Vittorio Veneto, 293/A in Belluno (above the MEGA mall, 5 minutes by car from the city center) will be open to keep you dancing all night long!
more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/218741691910571

Check out the guide : http://www.bellunolanotte.com/capodanno-2017-a-belluno/

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The artist and death: The 2016 Passi e Trapassi festival

From November 3rd to 13th, Passi e Trapassi returns to Belluno. Could art give back to death, at least in part, the word that today seems lost? This year, the cultural festival on the themes of death and dying, curated by the Comune of Belluno, questions art, taking the meaningful title of “The artist and death.” Here are all of the events! 

This year’s addition to its fifth edition, Passi e Trapassi questions art.

From moments of funerals, to music, to literature, to great painting, artists, over the course of centuries, have confronted the theme of death to recount it, accompany it, describe it and try to defeat it.

What has been and what could be the strength of art in this uneven battle?

Could art give back to death, at least in part, the word that today seems lost?

Artists, academics and doctors will be called to give their input on these questions, to encourage moments of reflection and sharing on one of the most inevitable but silent themes of our time.

Here is the program of the festival organized by the Comune of Belluno. 

Thursday November 3rd


A photographic research on life, via tombstone effigies present in various monumental cemeteries around the world

Una ricerca fotografica sulla vita, attraverso le effigi tombali presenti in vari cimiteri monumentali sparsi nel mondo
Photography of Roberto Muraro – Opening Ceremony
>>> Palazzo Crepadona, 6:00 pm

The exhibit, curated by Circolo Fotografico Bellunese “Mario De Biasi”, will remain open until Sunday December 4th with the following hours:
From Monday to Saturday: 10:00am – 12:30pm; 3:00pm – 6:30pm
Sundays and November 11th: open all day 10:00am – 7:00pm


Concert of the Giovanile Bellunese Orchestra
>>>Palazzo Crepadona, Cubo di Botta, 6:00pm

Music by: J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, F. Mendelssohn and C. Gounod.
Director Matteo Andri
To be followed by a inaugural toast

Friday November 4th


The great funeral monuments from Clement XIV to Maria Cristina of Austria
Lecture with Prof. Giuseppe Pavanello, University of Trieste
>>> Bianchi room, viale Fantuzzi 11, 8:30pm

In the artistic activity of the great sculpture of the neoclassical period, the branch connected to funeral monuments was laid in the early years, when Canova was commissioned to build the memorial of Clement XIV.

Saturday November 5th


History and stories of men and women that should not be forgotten
Guided walking tour led by dott. Michele Buoso of C.T.G. Belluno
>>> Prade Cemetery, 10:30am and 11:30am

Biographies, works and anecdotes of some leading figures of civil, cultural and social society of Belluno, recounted in front of their sepulchers.
Maximum 50 participants per tour, by reservation only: cultura@comune.belluno.it – tel. 0437 913191


The creative techniques for exorcising death, from macabra dance to comics
Lecture by the humorist Roberto Totaro
>>> Bianchi Room, viale Fantuzzi 11, 6:00pm

Performed by Santa Giustina Choral School, Francesco Sandi Men’s Chorus of Feltre and Trentina Symphonic Orchestra
Director P. Tiboris; soloists: E. Lappalainen (soprano), C. De Pian (mezzosoprano), M. Mezzaro (tenor), P. Freddi (basso).
>>> Teatro Comunale, 8:45pm

This score unites moments of extraordinary melodramatic theatricality with rigorously classic-styled pieces. Among these the “Lacrimosa” will definitely stand out, where the composer succeeds, via the usage of quick rising and falling eighth notes of the violins surrounded by a large-scale choral writing, in creating enchanting effects of weeping and difficult struggle.

Paid event

Sunday November 6th


Excursion for the discovery of the fascinating Addolorata Cemetery, of the altar of the souls of Andrea Brustolon and a little known funereal catafalque.
Curated by FAI Giovani – Belluno, with the participation of Dott.ssa Anna Maria Spiazzi
>>> meet at Forno di Zoldo, village of Campo, Addolorata Cemetery

“Passi & Trapassi” moves for a few hours to the Parish of Zoldo to discover the places and artifacts associated with the theme of Death.
Beginning at the 18th century church and Addolorata Cemetery, which is today abandoned, the tour then goes to the Parish of San Floriano where special attention will be paid to the illustration of the Altar of the Souls, a magnificent work by Andrea Brustolon.
It will be possible to eat lunch at Fornesighe, where, thanks to a photographic presentation, you will have the chance to discover the little known catafalque, an 18th century artifact once used for funeral rights, full of allegorical representations of death, today maintained by the crypt of the Parish.
The day will conclude with a visit to the Museum of Iron and Nails of the Oven of Zoldo.

Reservations can be made by email to faigiovani.belluno@fondoambiente.it or at the FAI point “Cose Belle” at Piazza dei Martiri 6 (Galleria San Marco)
Contribution for participation: €5 for FAI members, €8 for non-members.
Please indicate if you wish to participate in lunch (additional cost €12) when making a reservation.

Travel using your own car or means of transport.

Monday November 7th


Lecture by Andrea Molesini
Andrea Molesini, accompanied by the journalist Pierluigi Svaluto Moreolo, will present his latest novel entitled “La solitudine dell’assassino”.
>>> Libreria Mondadori Bookstore, via Mezzaterra 15, 6:00pm

An ideal opportunity to dive into the theme of the festival, dedicated this year, to the relationship between the artist and death.


Words for chatting, pictures for understanding
Presentation of the book “L’albero della vita” by Maria Angela Gelati, thanatologist and curator of the Parmigiano cultural festival “Il rumore del lutto”.
Meet the author. Introduced by the dott.ssa Laura Liberale
>>> Bianchi room, viale Fantuzzi 11, 8:30pm

The fable is an instrument; the adult is its interpreter. The pages of “L’albero della vita” are like a LA, a note, to begin a discussion that will then go beyond the narrated story, to enter in our lives, open us up to listening, to understanding, so that the concept of death can be reintegrated in our daily life.

Tuesday November 8th


A voyage to discover the painter of Zoppè di Cadore by way of the masterpieces conserved in the salon of the Public Library
Lecture by la dott.ssa Marta Azzalini
>>> Biblioteca Civica, Sala di Lettura, (Public Library, Reading Room) 6:00pm

Works that recount a world made up of carnivalesque parades of masks, life and death via a sharp and clear graphic mark: a stinging reading of human comedy that is acted out daily.
Curated by the Public Library of Belluno


Incarnation, Piety, the Witness, in art and photography
Lecture by Professor Nicoletta Comar
>>> Bianchi Room, viale Fantuzzi 11, 8:30pm

Passing away is a moment when it’s impossible to speak, of “I have no words.” In three days between death and resurrection, when the god incarnate is dead, not yet risen, the tragedy was carriedy out: only silence is possible. And piety needs a witness, because only this way does death give meaning to the living, believers or not. The theme will be explored through commentary on the works of Bonsignori, Bellini, Tiziano, Lotto, Rosso Fiorentino, Pontormo, Bacon, Arbus and contemporary photos.

Wednesday November 9th


Lecture using pictures and words by the artist Alfonso Lentini
>>> Sala Bianchi, viale Fantuzzi 11, 6:00pm
Curated byAssociazione Culturale Villa Buzzati San Pellegrino – Il Granaio

The mystery, the passing of time, the nostalgia of life and of desire, are a few of the themes around which Dino Buzzati explored his laic reflection on death. To analyze his relationship with the afterlife, there will be a guided reading of “Poema a Fumetti”, a work in which Buzzati, realizing the classic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and adopting a hybrid language that marries pictures and worlds, recounting a very particular “descent into the underworlds”

Thursday November 10th


A journey through writings of authors and poets, wandering among cultures, epochs and spaces, without chronological order.
Lecture by dott. Nanni (Giovanni) Dorigo
>>> Biblioteca Civica, Sala di Lettura, (Public Library, Reading Room), 6:00pm

The description of various passages that will bring: the beginning, the wait, the moment, the after and the elaboration of that which, temporarily, remains
Curated by Biblioteca Civica di Belluno


The psycho-drama as an experience for the reworking of mourning.
Workshop of Jungian analytic psycho-drama with dr.ssa Giulia Gallinari, psychotherapist
>>> Sala Bianchi, viale Fantuzzi 11, 8:30pm

The workshop will confront the theme of death as a process of deep transformation of the human being: leaving alone the parts of oneself that suppress growth and change, in order to sprout new parts that allow for personal and spiritual evolution

Comfortable clothing required
Maximum 20 participants by reservation only: cell. 347 1148341
Participation is free (suggested contribution of 5 euros)

Friday November 11th


Art therapy in death and mourning
Lecture by prof. Francesco Campione, Università di Bologna
>>> Sala Bianchi, viale Fantuzzi 11, 8:30pm

From when the word “God” became always more unpronouncable, man has tried to put himself in the place of the “Creator” in a destructive way that the dominence of a man over another man and in a constructive mode in art. In that moment the therapy of the ill that oppress human life took two forms that compete for the scene: the life of power and the life of imagination

Saturday November 12th


Songs by Dino Buzzati read by the actress Antonella Morassutti
accompanied by the voice and guitar of Jessica Da Re and Fabio Reolon
Organized by the Associazione Culturale Villa Buzzati San Pellegrino – Il Granaio
and by the Associazione Voice Care Music & Art
>>> Cimitero di Prade, 3:00pm


The Messiah of G. F. Handel for soloists, chorus and orchestra, performed by the Dolomiti Symphony Orchestra and the musician B. Marcello
Director D. Cassetta; director of chorus A.Toffolo
>>> Basilica Cattedrale di S.Martino, 9:00pm

A selection of songs that focus on the fragility of man, the pain, the death and the search for an absolute meaning regarding these universal themes.

Sunday November 13th


Pictures in memory of a colored cemetery
Installation, performance and guided tours curated by the artist Brunella Tegas; musical accompaniment by Vito Spada
>>> Rifugio antiaereo, località Lambioi, from 11:00am to 1:00pm and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

For logistical reasons, entrance will be limited to groups of 20 people every 15 minutes. Reservation not necessary.

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Everyone run to the Festival of Pastin

The first event dedicated to a unique specialty of our region: the irresistible Pastin! We are sure that there is nobody in the world who would not be captivated by the taste and aroma of the pastin. But if you don’t have the same certainty, you can spread the word and invite everyone to the first event dedicated to the pastin to remove any doubts: from October 28th to 30th, at Piazza dei Martiri in Belluno, pastin for all, as well as sports, fun and much more!


Don’t make plans for this weekend: from October 28th to 30th at Piazza dei Martiri in Belluno, AICS Comitato Provinciale di Belluno, NG TIMING and Gruppo Alpini di Salce, with the sponsorship and co-organization by the Comune di Belluno, with support of the Consorzio Operatori of downtown and of the Pro Loco Pieve Castionese , we organized a truly unique event of its kind: “Il PASTIN, in piazza… …di corsa” in Belluno, at the very centrally located Piazza dei Martiri! Don’t miss our  Adorable Belluno drunk on the aromas of the typical Bellunese delicacies from October 28th to 30th!

What is pastin?

“Pastin is the result of artisanal production, linked to tradition and passion for the good things. An entirely Bellunese pride, for which the original recipe asks for the use of, in varying percentages, meat of pork and beef, seasoned by a mix of secret spices that make it particularly flavorful. A local product produced from carefully selected meats, exclusively raised in the province of Belluno.”

But why “Il Pastin, in piazza…di corsa”?

During the event dedicated to pastin, we will compete in the first “BELLUNO URBAN MARATHONSunday October 30th at 9:00am! What does it consist of? It includes a run of 6 laps on a route of 7.033 km in no less than the historical center of Belluno!

To follow, on the same route, at the same time, there will be other shorter and less challenging runs:
the “URBAN HALF MARATHON“, at 9:00am that is 3 laps for a total of 21.09 km, the “SPORTS RUN“, at 10:00am in which you can run two laps of the historical center for a total of 14.066 km and, finaly, the “FAMILY RUN“, also at 10:00am, perfect for families with children as it is only one lap of the route for a total of only 7 km.

A medical certificate for competitive play (certificato medico agonistico) is required for the URBAN and the SPORTS RUN.

For more information and to sign up: www.ngtiming.com
iscrizioni.ngtiming@gmail.com – cell. 339 6231678


Here is the complete program of the three days dedicated to sports and pastin

From Friday October 28th at 6:00pm until Sunday October 30th at 3:00pm at Piazza dei Martiri in Belluno.

Friday October 28th

The party begins at 6:00pm and will run for the entire evening.
At 8:00pm the race “Su… PER SCALE” (650 steps) will begin: it’s a road race event on the stairs of Belluno.

Saturday October 29th

On Saturday the events will being in the morning from 9:00am and will continue late into the evening. Pastin, steaming polenta  of curdles (organized by Gruppo Alpini di Salce), wine, typical Bellunese desserts and much much more, for a day full of tasting!

Sunday October 30th

On Sunday the events will also begin at 9:00am, but will finish at 3:00pm in the afternoon.

And Sunday will be the day for the road races listed above. Let’s quickly revisit them:

Sporting event on the route of the historical center

9:00am “URBAN MARATHON” (6 lap – 42.195 km) 9:00am “URBAN HALF MARATHON” (3 laps – 21.097 km) 10:00am “SPORTS RUN” (2 laps – 14.066 km)
10:00am “FAMILY RUN” (1 lap – 7.33km)


The following butchers will be participating:

“Boito” of Ponte nelle Alpi – “Cavarzano” of Belluno – “Gaz” of Sedico “Perera” of Belluno – “Segat” of Belluno

There are no excuses: the pastin, one knows, is certainly not the most diet-friendly food of our region…but after a great run in the historical center of the city, it will definitely have been earned! We await you in big numbers!


For more information and to sign up: www.ngtiming.com
iscrizioni.ngtiming@gmail.com – cell. 339 6231678

Dolomiti d'acqua
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Dolomites of water: a bridge between the pale mountains and the lagoon

A new exhibit has just opened; it celebrates and reminds all of us of the grandeur and wonders of the Dolomites, creating a bridge to the other unique place of our land: Venice and its lagoon. 

At Palazzo Crepadona, in the historical center of Belluno, from September 16th, it is possible to visit the large exhibit,“Dolomiti d’acqua – Il viaggio della pittura dai monti verso Venezia e la laguna”, a show that is part of the program for the 20th edition of the festival Oltre le vette – Metafore, uomini, luoghi della montagna, produced by the towns of Belluno andSan Vito di Cadore, where it was partially previewed during the month of August.

The symbolic relationship between the Dolomites and Venice

The exhibit Dolomiti d’acqua consists of a hypothetical artistic voyage along the route of the Piave Valley and its main tributaries, from the Dolomites to Venice.

For centuries, the Piave river has represented a very useful means of transport for moving various goods and the timber fundamental for construction and shipbuilding from the Bellunese mountains all the way to Venice. A path through time and space, it will bring the visitor to appreciate, with the passage of decades, how our landscape transformed and how the artists radically changed their way of representing reality at the beginning of the 1900s.

Giovanni Granzotto writes in the preface of the exhibit’s beautiful catalogue: “This year the exhibition fair (…), which sets out to celebrate and remind all of us of the wonders and grandeur of unique places, the Dolomites, hopes to build a bridge to the other unique place of our land: Venice and its lagoon. There has always been an osmotic relationship between these two worlds, and thus we have sought to create an exhibit that could recount more than a century of artists falling in love with at least one of these places, with all their heart and soul.”


The artworks displayed

The artworks presented represent a cross-section of Venetian landscapes and lifestyles from the mid-1800s and 1900s by way of the main national artists of this period: Guglielmo CiardiLuigi CimaGiorgio De ChiricoFilippo de Pisis, Tancredi Parmeggiani, Fiorenzo Tomea, Virgilio Guidi, just to name a few.

At the end of the big exhibit, in a room of the Palazzo Crepadona, visitors will also find an important surprise: the exhibit “Viaggi e sguardi – Acquerelli di montagna tra Otto e Novecento”. It is a small exhibit of artworks from Bellunese collectors that hope to be the core of an important and original project for the future. You can see watercolors by Compton, Gilbert, Donne and other Europeans masters, all artists of great fame and talent.


La exhibit will be held in Belluno, at the Palazzo Crepadona, from September 16th to November 1st 2016.

Exhibit Hours

From Tuesday to Friday: 10:00am – 12:30pm and  3:30pm – 6:00pm
Saturday and days before holidays: 10:00am – 12:30pm and 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Sunday and holidays: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Closed Mondays except Monday October 31st


Full price €8 euros; Reduced* €6 euros
Free entrance for students and children from 0 – 11 years old

Children 12 – 17 years old; Students with valid ID; Over 65 years old; Members of partners (see list at the ticket office); Groups of at least 20 people (1 tour guide free)

Exhibit Catalogue €20.00


For information on the exhibit “Dolomiti d’acqua” you can look at the official website (Italian only) or contact:

Belluno Tourism Office tel. 334 2813222; ufficioturistico@fondazioneteatridolomiti.it
City of Belluno cultura@comune.belluno.it
Bottega del quadro bottegadelquadro@virgilio.it



The exploration of the mountains

The Pro Loco Pieve Castionese is organizing three evenings in March and April about the mountains.

Three events in March and April to discuss the mountains, this year from the perspective of the explorer. This is the theme of the 2016 edition of the evenings on the mountains organized by Pro Loco Pieve Castionese.

It begins on Thursday March 31, 2016 at 8:45pm in Cirvoi, in the meeting room of the Cooperative, with “The breath of the mountains”, as told by Marco Sala Tuze. Sala Tuze is a mountaineer of “Gruppo Rocciatori Caprioli” of San Vito di Castore and the manager of Rifugio Passo Staulanza at Mount Pelmo, who lives in the mountains and for the mountains.

Through his gorgeous photos, participants will relive the emotions of his climbs in various continents around the world and the dramatic moments he lived through during the Nepal earthquake on April 25, 2015, as he tried to climb Lhotse (8,516m).

The second event is scheduled for Thursday April 7th at 8:45pm, in Castion, at the San Gaetano Theater.  Roberto Ciri will describe “The 3000 meters of the Dolomites at the discovery of common paths.”

Ciri is passionate about the mountains and the history of climbing, in particular the common paths and the historical charm that characterizes them. He is an Academic Member of GISM, who, for 11 years, has managed the website www.vienormali.it and worked with the publisher Idea Montagna to publish various excursion guides and curate the series dedicated to common paths.

The evening with be a sort of voyage to discovery the common paths to the top of the Dolomites, over 3000m high, on which he has written a guide published in 2012 with a second edition in 2014.

The third event will be on Thursday April 14, 2016 at 8:45pm in Castoi, in the meeting room at Circolo Val Cicogna, with “The voice of the mountains” of Francesco Santon, climber, Academic Member of GISM.

Today Salton organizes expeditions and hiking because he has learned how “to listen to the voice of the mountains: that which invites you to go beyond, up to the next adventure.” The author will present 46 years of mountaineering, adventures and exploration in every part of the world: describing a way to go to the mountains that has changed over the years, as have the times, the styles, and the ways of life.

All of the events are free of charge.


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Coming soon: The Festival of the Fisciot

The ancient festival of Our Lady of Sorrows is one of the most anticipated events in Belluno. The historical center fills with colorful stands, aromatic flowers and crowds of people who greet one another as they celebrate the arrival of spring. 

Everything is ready for the long-awaited Festival of the Fisciot, the holy celebration and gathering of the community with which the city of Belluno greets the flower season.

The celebration has ancient origins: since 1716, the statue of Madonna dei Sette dolori (Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows), used by the Bellunese citizenry to commemorate the end of a terrible epidemic of pestilence, has been carried in a procession across the historical center, two Sundays before Easter Sunday. And this year the tradition lives on: Sunday March 13th is the annual Festival of the Fisciot!

But do you know why it is called this? It gets its name from the “fischietti di richiamo” (whistles of excitement), which once upon a time were among the items most sold by local artisans at their stands on the streets of the city center as part of this Sunday festival.

The details: the events of the 2016 Festival of the Fisciot

Spread out across the entire city center, including Via Dante and Via Cavour, there will be more than 200 vendors with stands selling candies, toys, glassware, ceramics, wood and fabric, and even jewelry, ornaments, paintings, discs, cassette tapes, wicker products, copper, glasses, aromatic essences,  honey, leather goods, umbrellas, scarves, balloons and of course, regional food and drink.

Furthermore, this year in Piazza Piloni will be host to the exhibit market of fine food and tasting, while Piazza dei Martiri will be host to the market of local agricultural products, managed by Unione Montana Bellunese.

In Piazza Duomo, once again there will be the market “Fiori in Città: la Città sboccia” (Flowers in the City: the City blooms), as well as the antiques market “Cose di vecchie case” (Objects from old houses) that with its selected vendors is one of the most anticipated and popular events, before its return for the summer season. Piazzale Marconi will be the setting for a stand selling seasonal fruits.

Beginning at 10:45am in Piazza Duomo, at the corner of the former courthouse, the marching band “Citta di Belluno” (City of Belluno) will perform. The traditional procession will occur in the same place at 4:00pm.

Free shuttle service

To help with transportation, the city has instituted its usual free shuttle service that will run from 9:30am to 7:30pm for the entire day of Sunday March 13th. Here are the details:

For the north-east lines (from Baldenich/Cavarzano to the station) and south-west (from via Col da Ren to piazzale Marconi), shuttles will stop every 10 minutes.

For the other lines:

  • Line 1 (from Castion to piazzale Marconi), every 30 minutes
  • Line 2 (from Giazzoi/Tisoi to piazzale della stazione), every 50 minutes, leaving from Giazzoi at 9:55am – 10:45 – 11:35 – 12:25pm – 1:15pm – 2:05 – 2:55 – 3:45 – 4:35 – 5:25 – 6:15 – 7:05 – 7:55 and leaving from p.le Vittime delle Foibe at 9:40am – 10:30 – 11:20 – 12:10pm – 1:00 – 1:50 – 2:40 – 3:30 – 4:20 – 5:10 – 6:00 – 6:50 – 7:40
  • Line 3 (from Col di Piana to piazzale della stazione), every 50 minutes, leaving from Col di Piana at 9:30am – 10:20 – 11:10 – 12:00pm – 12:50 – 1:40 – 2:30 – 3:20 – 4:10 – 5:00 – 5:50 – 6:40 – 7:30 and leaving from Piazzale Vittime delle Foibe at 9:20am – 10:10 – 11:00 – 11:50 – 12:40pm – 1:30 – 2:20 – 3:10 – 4:00 – 4:50 – 5:40 – 6:30 – 7:20.


For more information:

Citizen Information Desk

Tel. 0437/913222 – info@comune.belluno.it

Vendors are asked to contact Servizio Att. Economiche: 0437 913175

Traffic information: Local Police 0437/913520

Porta Dojona
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Porta Dojona and its talking walls

Porta Dojona (Dojona Gate) is one of the most distinctive symbols of the city of Belluno. It has seen nearly one thousand years of Bellunese history, endured several restorations, been expanded and covered. But what you might not know is this gate hides a small secret of daily life. Read on to learn more. 

Porta Dojona is one of the five gates (four official and one “for emergencies”) that allows you to enter inside the city walls of Belluno, and is one of three that is still intact today.

We are talking about a real monument, one that is a testament to the history of Belluno since 1289: the year in which its internal archway was erected, originally called “di Foro” (public square) or “Mercato” (market), designed by Vecello da Cusighe and in honor of the count-bishop Adalgerlo of the 8th level.

The second part of the gate, as in the actual “facade” that overlooks Vittorio Emanuele Square, dates back to the Renaissance period, specifically 1553: it is the work of Niccolò Tagliapietra, built on request for chancellor Francesco Diedo (note the inscription above the arch FRANC. DIEDO. PRAET. PRAEF.Q. OPT). You can even see various recognizable Renaissance-style elements, such as the columns positioned on high pedestals, the triglyphs carved in the architrave and the two caryatids aside the Lion of San Marco.

One of the principal features of this evocative place of the city is the world that one enters by passing under the gate: you must however know that it has not always been this way. In reality, the passageway was first covered in 1622, thus giving Porta Dojona its characteristic feeling of a “small-scale arcade.”

Moreover, not even the name is the same as it was at the beginning: the gate was named “Dojona” in 1609 in honor of Giorgio Doglioni, aid to prince-bishop of Bressanone.

Have you ever heard someone refer to this gate as “Porta de la Cadene“? If that happened and you wanted to ask why, we’ll tell you: it takes this name from the drawbridge that was here until c. 1730 (when the moat was buried) from Via Mezzaterra.

But now we arrive at that which we had promised, the virtually hidden quirk of this gate: we have explained that this gate is a symbol of the city unto itself, in particular its walls, the inscriptions written mostly in Latin that recall the construction of the gate, its successive restoration projects and even the happenings of the city of Belluno. But there are also inscriptions less renowned and uncommon, which recount episodes of daily life.

Let us explain further. In the points shown using the arrows in the following image, if you look closely (we mean in person, if not, what beauty is there?), you can see written the names of people and their dates. Know who these people are? These are the autographs inscribed by the guards who protected this gate in the middle of the 1800s. And do you know how they left their permanent mark on the Porta Dojona? They did it with their bayonets.

Scritte porta

Photograph by Leonard Leo Graf.

Thanks to the group  Belluno e Provincia: cultura arte e storia that shared some of the information present in this article and to the research of Gigetto De Bortoli, Andrea Moro, Flavio Vizzutti, Belluno: storia, architettura, arte Belluno, 1984.

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Il tour italiano di Aperol Spriz a Piave Beach

Il Parco Fluviale di Lambioi in collaborazione con Bellunolanotte, Sportivamente Belluno e Comune di Belluno, ospiterà la tappa del tour italiano di Aperol Spritz.

Venerdì 10 luglio il Parco Fluviale di Lambioi ospiterà una tappa del tour italiano di Aperol Spritz – “Hostaria del Vecio Aperol Spritz”.

Aperol Spritz porta l’esperienza dell’aperitivo nelle locations più caratteristiche e inaspettate del Veneto, valorizzando le radici storico-culturali dello spritz e promuovendo la tradizione e le curiosità del territorio. Direttamente dagli anni ’70 arriverà il mitico pulmino van della Volkswagen sinonimo di viaggio e libertà, allestito ad hoc e trasformato in postazione “chiosco bar”. Sarà affiancato da un banco di “cicchetti” tipici preparati da un ristoratore locale, che farà da ambasciatore raccontando menù e ricette.

Un barista professionista invece insegnerà la ricetta per preparare nel migliore dei modi la bevanda che accompagna i nostri aperitivi, e due ragazze immagine offriranno gratuitamente lo spritz fino a esaurimento scorte!

Non mancherà di certo la musica! Il van infatti accoglierà anche un dj con musica dalle ore 18.00 fino alle 23.00 .