Dolomiti d'acqua
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Dolomites of water: a bridge between the pale mountains and the lagoon

A new exhibit has just opened; it celebrates and reminds all of us of the grandeur and wonders of the Dolomites, creating a bridge to the other unique place of our land: Venice and its lagoon. 

At Palazzo Crepadona, in the historical center of Belluno, from September 16th, it is possible to visit the large exhibit,“Dolomiti d’acqua – Il viaggio della pittura dai monti verso Venezia e la laguna”, a show that is part of the program for the 20th edition of the festival Oltre le vette – Metafore, uomini, luoghi della montagna, produced by the towns of Belluno andSan Vito di Cadore, where it was partially previewed during the month of August.

The symbolic relationship between the Dolomites and Venice

The exhibit Dolomiti d’acqua consists of a hypothetical artistic voyage along the route of the Piave Valley and its main tributaries, from the Dolomites to Venice.

For centuries, the Piave river has represented a very useful means of transport for moving various goods and the timber fundamental for construction and shipbuilding from the Bellunese mountains all the way to Venice. A path through time and space, it will bring the visitor to appreciate, with the passage of decades, how our landscape transformed and how the artists radically changed their way of representing reality at the beginning of the 1900s.

Giovanni Granzotto writes in the preface of the exhibit’s beautiful catalogue: “This year the exhibition fair (…), which sets out to celebrate and remind all of us of the wonders and grandeur of unique places, the Dolomites, hopes to build a bridge to the other unique place of our land: Venice and its lagoon. There has always been an osmotic relationship between these two worlds, and thus we have sought to create an exhibit that could recount more than a century of artists falling in love with at least one of these places, with all their heart and soul.”


The artworks displayed

The artworks presented represent a cross-section of Venetian landscapes and lifestyles from the mid-1800s and 1900s by way of the main national artists of this period: Guglielmo CiardiLuigi CimaGiorgio De ChiricoFilippo de Pisis, Tancredi Parmeggiani, Fiorenzo Tomea, Virgilio Guidi, just to name a few.

At the end of the big exhibit, in a room of the Palazzo Crepadona, visitors will also find an important surprise: the exhibit “Viaggi e sguardi – Acquerelli di montagna tra Otto e Novecento”. It is a small exhibit of artworks from Bellunese collectors that hope to be the core of an important and original project for the future. You can see watercolors by Compton, Gilbert, Donne and other Europeans masters, all artists of great fame and talent.


La exhibit will be held in Belluno, at the Palazzo Crepadona, from September 16th to November 1st 2016.

Exhibit Hours

From Tuesday to Friday: 10:00am – 12:30pm and  3:30pm – 6:00pm
Saturday and days before holidays: 10:00am – 12:30pm and 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Sunday and holidays: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Closed Mondays except Monday October 31st


Full price €8 euros; Reduced* €6 euros
Free entrance for students and children from 0 – 11 years old

Children 12 – 17 years old; Students with valid ID; Over 65 years old; Members of partners (see list at the ticket office); Groups of at least 20 people (1 tour guide free)

Exhibit Catalogue €20.00


For information on the exhibit “Dolomiti d’acqua” you can look at the official website (Italian only) or contact:

Belluno Tourism Office tel. 334 2813222;
City of Belluno
Bottega del quadro


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Clorofilla – Shared Public Art, the 2016 edition

Here’s the 2016 edition of Clorofilla, the open citizen laboratory that seeks to promote the common good and build new shared social spaces.  In the spaces of the former Piave barracks and in other places around the city and the province, the stars will be internationally renowned street artist and those who wish to participate in this explosion of color.

Also this year, for the 2016 edition, contemporary art exits the museums and enters the streets, where it comes in contact with the area and excites the spectator, as he or she becomes part of its environment. During the week of CLOROFILLA 2016, the artists will give new life to surfaces and places long forgotten, that these days no longer amaze us, with their colors in murals, workshops and events.

Concerts, film and documentary screenings will be shown at the Casa dei Beni Comuni (the former Piave barracks), printing labs will be open to all citizens in the heart of the city of Belluno and surroundings.

Fresh air for our valleys!

The Clorofilla 2016 Program

After the events of June 18th and 19th, it continues with:


Casa dei Beni Comuni
8:30 pm live music with COMANECI + DANAEIn partnership with GIGGO Logo 1


Lorenzago di Cadore
11:00am  LIVE PRINTING event of silk-screen printing and printing press in the city and MURAL PAINTING.


Casa dei Beni Comuni
9:00pm LAGO FILM FEST presents the 2016 edition, showing the best short films of the last edition. LFF_logobianco


Casa dei Beni Comuni
8:00pm Screening of the film AMO-TE LISBOA a feature film on the Street Art, magic and surrealism of the Canemorto collective. One of the artists of the collective will attend the screening.


Bologna Belluno Park e Casa dei Beni Comuni
11:00am LIVE PRINTING of silk-screen printing, calligraphy and music of DJ Sciacallo at the Bologna Park of Belluno. During the day there will be a street theater performance by MARIO LEVIS.
8:30pm DJ BUBBLE shakes up the Casa dei Beni Comuni with his music and other magic.


Casa dei Beni Comuni
3:00pm live music and street theater performances by Mario LevisRavioli Giganti, Porco del Reato, and Maurizio & gli Atomi – Sayonara tour.


What is Clorofilla?

CLOROFILLA is a meeting of artists, muralists and those who work primarily in communicating and building public spaces.

CLOROFILLA began in 2015 as the idea of Ericailcane in collaboration with the Casa dei Beni Comuni, an open citizen laboratory, that works in the region for the common good and to build social spaces for sharing.
Last year, for two weeks in June and July, some of the walls of the Casa dei Beni Comuni (formerly Piave Barracks) and the city of Belluno, were painted for storytelling, an idea of public art created by the people, for the people.
In the north of Italy, close to the geographic borders of the country, Belluno is a splendid oasis in the desert of the mountains. The Dolomites, the heritage of humanity, make the frame for this initiative that brings together artists and citizens.


For more information on Clorofilla visit the 2016 website:  Click Here