Gastronomic tours

The typical products of the Bellunese cuisine are the most immediate and authentic testimony of the territory, with their simple flavours coming from the traditional recipes. Some examples? Pastìn, a mix of non-seasoned pork and beef with salt, pepper, lard and spice. It is perfect to be grilled and served with the original polenta, or even cooked in a delicious risotto!

The traditional cakes recall the good things of the old days. For instance, the Kodinza – made with the kodinzon, a typical mash made of local apples, rolled out and sun-dried, and a particular local corn named “sponcio” – and the Pan de Belùn, a typical sweet made of corn meal, nuts, hazelnuts, chocolate and poppy-seeds.

During the Carnival, don’t miss the giuseppine, dainty doughnuts filled with pastry cream or sabayon, covered with icing sugar. Traditionally, they are to be prepared until March 19th, Saint Joseph’s Day.

Moreover, the Strada dei formaggi e dei sapori delle Dolomiti Bellunesi has the specific purpose of increasing the value of another feather in the cap of the Bellunese territory: the rich dairy production. On its website, you could browse a detailed list of the different kinds of cheese of the Bellunese Dolomites in order to let you choose high-quality products of the dairy tradition of the territory.

On the website you can also find a list of Alpine huts and local dairies, which represent the origin of this production, and of restaurants, hotels, Alpine huts and farmhouse restaurants which will allow you to taste delicious recipes made with local cheese and, at the same time, to discover the natural beauty of the territory by following the suggested itineraries.

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