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Pensieri e Parole (Thoughts and Words): the events at Teatro Comunale

Pensieri e Parole (Thoughts and Words) arrives to its 22nd edition and makes you laugh… laugh a lot!

Laughing is good for you, as is music and art…so don’t miss the opportunity to attend the next edition of Pensieri e Parole, which this year will host the best of comedy produced in Italy at Teatro Comunale of Belluno.

Pensieri e Parole to laugh

Ale e Franz will be in Belluno on December 3rd with Tanti lati, Latitanti, while Angelo Pintus, with a revival of Ormai sono una milf, will arrive in the spring, to be precise, on May 24th, but the tickets are already on sale! 
On April 22nd the Teatro Comunale will host Giacobazzi, with his show Io ci sarò while May 12th will be the night of Andrea Pucci with In… tolleranza zero.

Pensieri e Parole to be moved

But it doesn’t end here, among the famous names who will be up on stage at Teatro Comunale for Pensieri e Parole, there is also Nicolò Fabi, who, on Friday December 9th, will have us listen to the songs of his latest album, Una somma di piccole cose.

Just a few hours before Christmas, on December 23rd, the magical atmosphere of the songs of The Harlem Gospel Choir will enchant the Bellunese audience, with a truly unique event, as part of a worldwide tour, an indescribable emotion…you have to see it to believe it!

On St. Stephen’s day the stage of the theater will host one of the most famous works of ballet, Swan Lake. Monday December 26th at 5:00pm. 

But all of these productions certainly do not finish with Christmas, the new year will begin with a guest that we all know too well and will speak to us about Caravaggio. Did you figure out who it could be? Yes, it’s really him, Vittorio Sgarbi at the Teatro Comunale of Belluno Thursday January 12th at 9:00pm.

Pensieri e Parole for you

So what are you waiting for? Choose the performance best for you and run to get tickets!
For any information, we invite you to visit the website of Scoppio Spettacoli, or to call us at 0437 948874, or send an email to:

Have fun!