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Clorofilla – Shared Public Art, the 2016 edition

Here's the 2016 edition of Clorofilla, the open citizen laboratory that seeks to promote the common good and build new shared social spaces. In the spaces of the former Piave barracks and in other places around the city and the province, the stars will be internationally renowned street artist and those who wish to participate in this explosion of color.

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Coming soon: The Festival of the Fisciot

The ancient festival of Our Lady of Sorrows is one of the most anticipated events in Belluno. The historical center fills with colorful stands, aromatic flowers and crowds of people who greet one another as they celebrate the arrival of spring.  Everything is ready for the long-awaited Festival of the Fisciot, the holy celebration and gathering of… Continue reading Coming soon: The Festival of the Fisciot

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Memorial Day: lest we forget

January 27, 1945, three in the afternoon, Auschwitz. A chilly day of a particularly harsh winter. The gates of the Polish death camp are torn down by the Red Army during its rapid advance from Vistola to Oder. At the head of the department it was Marshal Konev who first entered the lager. January 27,… Continue reading Memorial Day: lest we forget