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Top 10 things you miss about Belluno

Time once again for our regular blog on the Top 10 things you miss about Belluno.

This time we take a different point of view: people who had or wanted to leave Belluno tell us what they miss about our town.

There are many ex citizens who emigrated from Belluno in search of a better life. There a multitude of reasons why they left: for love, work, they escaped from war, or they just went on a holiday and decided not to return.

Our compatriots have a new life, a new culture, they eat different foods and some even speak another language.

We conducted a survey of our Adorable friends who live in another country. We must admit that our friends’ stories are truely interesting, at times entertaining, others quite moving.

Ready for a bit of nostalgia? Let’s take a count down of our Top 10.

10 #scents and flavours. The smell of newly-harvested hay and of snowfall at the end of November. The scent of our famous “panino col pastin”, a perfect antidote to those long aperitifs. “Polenta e schiz” is synonymous of “home”, and “radici da prà col lardo” that only tastes this good in Belluno.

9 #markets. The friendly atmosphere of Saturday morning markets, minus the chaos. It’s not just a time for shopping, but a great excuse for a chat.

8 #summer festivals. There are many things which make our festivals simple but memorable. Eating on plastic plates – lucky if you make it to the table without dropping some food! Singing the same old songs around the stage, and complaining the next day that they (the songs) are always the same.

7 #walks. Walks after a typical Bellunese lunch, or in the late afternoon after a hard day’s work. The beauty of Belluno: nature is a stone’s throw from your doorway.

6 #home. There’s no place like home. There’s no substitute for being able to close your eyes and know exactly where you are.

5 #chats. There’s always an opportunity for a chat: on the street or at the supermarket.

4. #drink. A drink is not just a drink, it’s almost like a ritual for the Bellunesi. A glass of red or white, the Sunday morning aperitif, or even a coffee at the local bar are opportunities for a friendly chat.

3 #mountains. Waking up in the morning and seeing the Pink Dolomites. Colours and reflections that you can’t find anywhere else. The sensation of protection: the Dolomite Mountains seem to embrace Belluno and are a constant reference point.

2 #family. The family you left behind in Belluno. This is the hardest part of all: facing a new city or town alone.

There are moments in which nostalgia has a way of hitting you in the stomach. Sometimes I think it would be nice to drop by my mum’s after work.

1 #everything. I don’t know how to put this into words, but the truth is even though many would say that Belluno has nothing, well, I think it has a lot to offer.

A warm thank you to all the Adorable Bellunesi who live elsewhere and who shared their thoughts with us.

See you soon