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Oltre le Vette 2016, the twentieth edition

The twentieth edition of Oltre le vette has begun: the festival dedicated to the metaphors, men and places of the mountains, experienced through film, books, exhibits, conventions and meetings with noteworthy mountaineers. The theme of this year is “Dolomites of water,” to underline the marine origins and the continuous transformation of these extraordinary mountains with events of water, ice and snow. 

From October 7th to 16th returns the long-awaited festival Oltre le vette, organized by Comune di Belluno and theFondazione Teatri delle Dolomiti and with the economic support of Fondazione Cariverona, Enel and several other private sponsors.

The program this year is even more prestigious and varied; it includes film projections, documentaries, meetings with prominent authors and mountaineers, tours, exhibits, performances and much more. And so Belluno gets ready to fill up for 10 days of events dedicated to the mountains and their relationship with the water, through various perspectives that will allow the participants to understand the numerous shades of our Dolomites, of our land and its relationship with the water.

Oltre le Vette – The deep bond between our mountains and the water

The theme of the twentieth edition of the celebrated Bellunese festival, we have noted, is “Dolomites of water”; let’s find out why.

Here’s what was published on the official Facebook page:

“‘Dolomites of water’ is the theme of this year, a title that wishes to underline the deep connection, not always felt, between our mountains and the water. It’s not just that the Dolomites come–literally–from the sea, but also the waters that have shaped and constructed this resplendent landscape. And we, today, with these waters, becoming always more precious and always more important, must consider our economy, our tourism and our lifestyle. The rest is not just a coincidence: artists of every era have found their inspiration from the water and from the mountains, gathering, perhaps first, and better than others, the great bond that unites them.

And it continues…

“Therefore one speaks of the rocks and the water, as well as the energy, landscape, arts, people both historical and imaginary. We will discuss their economic value, environmental, scientific and technical challenges. From here we can comprehend the importance of the water–and all of our waters–through art, through history, through Alpine society. We will discover that universal value still felt for people in every place and culture, and era, for men and women of any age of their lives.”

The complete program

The brochure with all of the planned events for this edition of OLV, is available for download by clicking here. 

If you prefer instead to view the events organized by day, from October 7th to 16th, look at the News section of the official site of OLV.

The exhibit Dolomiti d’acqua (Dolomites of water)

We would like to remind you that at Palazzo Crepadona, in the historical center of Belluno, from September 16th until the 1st of November, it is possible to see the great exhibit “Dolomiti d’acqua – Il viaggio della pittura dai monti verso Venezia e la laguna”, an exposition that is also considered part of the program of the twentieth edition of the festival Oltre le vette – Metafore, uomini, luoghi della montagna as was intended by the Comuni di Belluno and San Vito di Cadore, where there was a partial preview during the month of August.

For more information, hours and details, see this article.