Purple walk: Zattieri

The riverside walk

Commencing from Piazza dei Martiri, your itinerary continues down via Sottocastello and past the old walls of the city with a panorama of the Piave valley stretching out before you. Near to the river stand the Ponte della Vittoria (1926) and the remains of Ponte Vecchio (1841) (the old bridge) in the old quarter of Borgo Piave, where rafts transporting people, goods and timber used to moor, en route to the Serenissima (Venice). The patron saint of the ancient corporation of raftsmen, from which the street Uniera dei Zatèr takes its name, was St. Nicholas, after whom the church in the heart of the old quarter was named. Up until the end of the Second World War, the old quarter was also the site of a tannery, now transformed into a residential complex. Walk up the steps and then turn down via Rugo until you reach the fourteenth century eponymous gate, which was the entrance to the old city in medieval times.