Yellow walk: 900

Twentieth century architecture

Proceed from the Palasport parking area towards via De Stefani, a residential street with its turn-of-the century villas and condominiums, and turn into the tree-lined viale Fantuzzi. Then proceed along via Caffi, with its Liberty-style buildings designed by the Belluno architect Riccardo Alfaré. After the garage Tonegutti Bellotti (1922), and the garage Bacchetti(1913), there is Palazzo Coletti (1918), with its twin cupolas originally covered in slate and now copper, that overlooks Piazzale Cesare Battisti. Palazzo Benetta (1952), also by Alfaré, looks onto the square, as also does the elementary school “Aristide Gabelli” (1934) by the Belluno engineers Agostino and Guglielmo Zadra with its unmistakeable rationalist design, which was famous as an avant-garde school on account of its Montessori didactics. Walking towards the centre, you will note some other buildings by Alfarè, such ascasa Piaz (1908) in via Loreto and casa Luzzato (1908) at the crossroads with via Garibaldi, while further down there is Cinema Italia (1926), one of architect’s masterpieces. The itinerary continues down via Garibaldi.






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