Ardo River valley

Torrent Ardo springs at the foot of Mt. Schiara, in the heart of the National Park, and flows into river Piave in Belluno. Along its course it forms spectacular gorges, interesting from a naturalistic point of view. It is well known in relation to the importance that it has covered in the past for the economy of the town, providing the driving force for the factories that produced swords and sawmills.

Nowadays the area is loved by escursionists, who enjoy the hiking trails. The Ardo valley is marked by man since ancient times, as documented by the exceptional discovery of the archaeological site in the Bus of Buson, that is a unique natural theatre among the rocks. These signs are, for example, paths, stone walls, huts, stallions, capitals, fountains and Calchere (old lime kilns).

There are several biotopes in the Ardo Valley: the “Gola dell’Ardo” between Fisterre and Bolzano Bellunese, the “Forra dell’Ardo” between Vial and Mariano, with its bold “Pont de la Mortis” and the rocky gorge of “Bus del Buson”. Remarkable are also the woods of silver fir and the location of the Rifugio 7° Alpini called Pis Pilon, in the heart of the National Park.

There are a lot of possibilities for hiking near the city along the Ardo river, between Borgo Pra and the hydroelectric power station, built by the city of Belluno with the Mountain Community of Belluno. The rise of Mount Schiara is a difficult path that starts from the small village of Case Bortot.

Cover image: Patricia Leles 

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