Mount Serva

Belluno is located within the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, the protected area established in 1990 that covers approximately 30,000 hectares. The Mount Serva is part of the National Park, and it is one of the most relevant mountain in Belluno for the flora and fauna, regarding richness and variety of species. Infact, there are many rare species of flowers and plants, such as: Elyna myosuroides, Chamorchis alpina, Eritrichium nanum, Geranium argentem and Alisso dell’Obir-Alyssum ovirense.

The fauna of Monte Serva includes Golden Eagle, kestrels, hares, roe deers, chamoises and black grouses.

In order to appreciate this mountain, the best starting point for hiking is Col di Roanza, a scenic location situated just few minutes drive from the city center. From here you can walk along some different itineraries, like the hike to the Ardo Valley or the most popular trail to the top of Serva, that passes near the Casera Pian dei Fiòc, that is also a summer base for shepherds.

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