Green Walk: Sebastiano Ricci

The colours of Sebastiano Ricci

Your itinerary begins in Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) where the city’s religious and secular symbols stand side-by-side. After crossing the square, you can admire the eighteenth-century Palazzo dei Giuristi (the Palace of the Jurists) on your right, which houses the municipal museum, an archeological collection and an art gallery dedicated to Veneto art with works by Sebastiano Riccifor Palazzo Fulcis. Next, continue south down via Mezzaterra to view various Venetian period buildings, among which Palazzo Nosadani, at Porta Rugo, the old southern gateway to the city. As you walk up via St. Maria dei Battuti you will discover the old seat of the confraternity of the Flagellanti di S. Maria dei Battuti (the Flagellants of S. Maria dei Battuti) and the eponymous fourteenth-century church, now used as the offices of the State Archives. With your back to the church you can also admire the Ospedale dei Battuti (Hospital of the Battuti) and the eponymous square with the sixteenth-century fountain of St. Helena. Continuing up the street, you will encounter the Seminario Gregoriano (the Gregorian Seminary) and the Church of St. Peter’s with the famous wooden altar pieces by Andrea Brustolon and the “Sacra conversazione” (Holy conversation) by Sebastiano Ricci.

 Sebastiano Ricci (Belluno 1659 – Venice 1734) was an eminent painter.

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