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Belluno is a perfect place for cycling holidays, offering quiet routes along unsurfaced and low-traffic roads with slight slopes, and, for the most trained, enthralling routes on panoramic roads with steep slopes.

Route: BELLUNO – NEVEGAL mountain area
For city bike or mountain bike 

From the heart of the “shining city” (nickname of Belluno) to try the route of the spectacular uphill time trial Belluno-Nevegal of the 2011 Giro d’Italia, riding through the architectural, artistic and natural beauties of the city. At first, it could seem an easy route, but the 12.7 km separating Piazza dei Martiri from Nevegal are harder than expected: in fact, the inclination of the route reaches 14%. On the return, enjoy the breezy descent and the wonderful view of the first spurs of the Dolomites and of the Val Belluna.

  • Starting point: Belluno, Piazza dei Martiri 387 m
  • Arrival: Nevegal 1047 m
  • Total vertical climb: 660 m
  • Distance: 12,7 km
  • Terrain type: ordinary road (S.P n° 31)
  • Stopovers: Belluno, Castion, Nevegal

There are also some alternative routes to reach Nevegal that will certainly delight cyclists, each starting from easily accessible parking areas:

And once you get to Nevegal?

Bike route: Mount FAVERGHERA – COL VISENTIN, on the Nevegal mountain area
For mountain bike

This route has two different starting points and goes from Monte Faverghera to Col Visentin, riding on the ridge of the mountain. The breathtaking view covers the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage, Santa Croce Lake, the Val Belluna and the Veneto valley up to Venice.

  • Starting point: Restaurant “La Casera” on the Faverghera hill on the Nevegal mountain area. Otherwise, Piazzale del Nevegal, 1049 m (if you want to use the chairlifts, check the opening hours);
  • Arrival: Col Visentin 1763 m
  • Maximum height: Col Visentin, 1763 m
  • Altitude differential: from Piazzale del Nevegal, 716 m; from Monte Faverghera, 102 m
  • Total vertical climb: from Mount Faverghera to Col Visentin 102 m; from Piazzale del Nevegal to Col Visentin 716 m
  • Distance: 14 km, starting from Piazzale del Nevegal; 4 km starting from Mount Faverghera .
  • Terrain type: ordinary road up to La Casera restaurant, then unsurfaced road and trail.
  • Stopovers: Piazzale del Nevegal, mountain huts along the way.


Photo credits: Manuele Sangalli

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