Foto aerea Belluno - Foto Zanfron

Belluno can be a discovery. Visitors will appreciate the old town centre, the splendid Dolomite panorama that surrounds the city, the Piave river flowing through it, the wealth of beautiful buildings characterized by the architecture of the early ’900s, the historic attractions and fountains, and the fascinating Civic Museum.
Belluno is unique in being the only provincial capital city in Italy situated within a national park, the Dolomiti Bellunesi. Furthermore, the Dolomite mountains figure in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

In order to discover the city centre, Belluno offers visitors five thematic walks. Designed to help visitors discover the city’s attractions and artistic and historical heritage, they essentially cover three different areas. The first explores the historical town centre, while the other two commencing from the town centre explore adjoining areas characterized by the early twentieth-century architecture and the areas bordering on the river Piave.

Photo credits: Zanfron

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