Clorofilla – Shared Public Art, the 2016 edition

Here’s the 2016 edition of Clorofilla, the open citizen laboratory that seeks to promote the common good and build new shared social spaces. In the spaces of the former Piave barracks and in other places around the city and the province, the stars will be internationally renowned street artist and those who wish to participate in this explosion of color.

Col di Roanza 2

Col di Roanza and the Chapel of San Michele

Whoever has spent a period of his or her life in Belluno knows it well: one of the best panoramas of the Bellunese Valley is in the village of Col di Roanza, and if you can get there after a beautiful stroll through the town of Sopracroda, even better. But this place does not just give us this splendid view…


The Long Night of the Churches

Bellunolanote, in collaboration with Pastorale Giovanile di Belluno-Feltre, is organizing the first edition of “The Long Night of the Churches”, the first sleepless night to take place inside houses of worship of the city!